Desert Skies Kennel

Welcome to Desert Skies Kennel - Breeder of AKC Champion Blood Line Wire Fox Terriers in Scottsdale Arizona since 2003!

Desert Skies Kennel-Breeding Philosophy

We are proud in-home Wire Fox Terrier Breeders of this wonderful dog! We have been breeding Champion AKC Wire Fox Terriers since 2003, and we do not cross our blood lines for generations.  
We never 
kennel our Terrier puppies, there are no outside kennels, the puppies are always kept clean, (wiped down daily with love) and the large kennel they live in, inside the home, is cleaned twice a day. You can be assured that your puppy receives constant care and love as they grow. The Wire Hair Fox Terrier puppies are then adopted to their new homes at the age of 10-12 weeks, never before that! This practice of rearing our Wire Fox Terriers, allows the mother to teach the young socialization, as well as receiving the human touch they need so much, before leaving our home.  In addition to the valuable training they receive from their Wire Fox Terrier mother, I add beginning housebreaking and verbal command training. With their early training, your life is so much easier after adoption of your beautiful Fox Terrier puppy, it helps to make sure that the puppy you adopt, makes a great pet and companion for you, and what more could you ask for??

Winston plays with the first litter from Desert Skies Kennel. (Winston is Katie and Chloe's friend, and he visits us often)

I value my puppies! I make sure they go to great
homes, and there are many satisfied customers all over the country!

(Katie's puppies at 4 weeks old, Gracie is the one a little behind the others) Born 2/13/11   

                                                    Katie plays with litter of puppies outside at 6 wks. old
   (Lilly) at 7 weeks old

New boy at 1 week old, being weighed 
(Weighing the puppies for the first week or two of life, is important in monitoring their growth)
                                 puppy plays on the kitchen floor, he is to young for outside play at 5 wks old

Human socialization is a priority with us!

We are committed to excellence in our breeding program!  Explore the Wire Fox Terriers, at  Desert Skies Kennel

 Katie at Palm Springs Show January 2008

Champion Desert Skies Katie's Purse holds 180 Champion descendant's in her blood line.  After maternity leave, she completed her Championship in October 2008!

(Katie gets her second Major win in June 2008!  And is pregnant with her first litter  in this  photo which was  born July 18th  2008.)