​Desert Sky Wire Fox Terriers are the best!  Since I was 8 years old, a wire fox has been a part of my life. At six months, we discovered my last wire fox was born with microscopic liver shunting and she died at only eight.  My heart was broken and I knew I needed just the right breeder….  After extensive research across the nation, I discovered Linda right here in town.  Not only did her love and dedication to the breed, health, and temperament fit my needs exactly, but also Linda, Veronica, and Emily socialized and trained  my baby boy for a smooth transition to his forever home.  I recommend Desert Sky Wire Fox Terrier Kennels to all lovers of the breed and know you will have a magical experience too.

Lisa H.

Phoenix, Arizona

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Our experience with Desert Skies Kennel has been exceptional in every way.  We live on the East Coast and we were concerned that the distance between our home and Scottsdale, Arizona would mean that we were going to have to depend upon Linda when it came time to choose which puppy would most closely meet our criteria for both temperament and good looks.  In the e-mails we exchanged with Linda and the phone calls we made, we gained confidence that Linda understood what we were looking for and that she would be able to deliver.  And she has not disappointed.  Otis is now 2 years old and he is a perfect example of what good breeding and great socializing can deliver.  He is calm and loving to all.  He is curious and highly intelligent.  He is healthy and adventurous.  We have nothing but praise for Desert Skies Kennel and we recommend them to anyone who is looking for a Wire Fox Terrier to make their life complete. 
Phil & Mary
Williamsburg, Virginia  

Our experience with Desert Skies Kennel has been, and continues to be, delightful! For some time we had wished to make a lifelong friend and family member of a Wire Fox Terrier. Because of our close proximity, Linda graciously welcomed us into her home and she & her assistant Veronica spent hours with us answering our questions. Linda has an extensive knowledge of the breed and was very hospitable to us while answering our questions. Vivie, is our beautiful new family member. She is a loving, intelligent, and extremely fun dog. We adore her and we have Desert Skies Kennel to thank for her. In a couple of years we would like to add a second Wire Fox Terrier to our family, and Desert Skies Kennel will once again be our Breeder of Merit.
Ted & Susan J.

Desert Skies Kennel Feedback

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My dog (Archie) has proved to be a total delight. Great personality & fairly laid back for a Wirehair. The groomer enjoys his visits to her. My experience dealing with Desert Skies kennels was very good & I was completely satisfied with how it all came off so smoothly from day one until I finally had possession of the little guy. Thank you for caring about breeding good quality dogs. 
Char C.


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​​We live in the Phoenix area so we had the opportunity to meet with Linda and all her girl dogs many times. She is such a great lady and knows what she is doing with breeding these beautiful Wire Hair Fox Terriers. Her girl dogs are part of her family and run her house.  
After  our 2 dogs passed, one was a Wire Haired Fox Terrier we research the web to find a breeder of WFT's and found Linda. That was a great day.   We were planning on one little girl dog.  After months of waiting she called with good news, "I have a little girl for you." We were excited but had to wait another few months before we could take her home. Then about a month or so later she emailed us to see if we would take the runt ( a little boy with a underbite and hip problems) we immediately said yes. To make this story a little shorter we have two great healthy dogs. They are very mellow for WFT, very loving with each other and very good around other dogs. We are so glad we had the opportunity to have two.  I think they are so good because of Linda's techniques in raising these dogs before the owners receive them. We think Linda and Veronica are the best and we could not be happier.

Chris A. & Rebecca R.

​I was incredibly fortunate the day I found Desert Skies Kennel.  My precious 12 year old Wire Fox Terrier had passed away suddenly, and I was devastated, so I vowed to find the best breeder -- with the healthiest stock -- and I started my search online.  Linda at Desert Skies Kennel impressed me immediately, as she informed me about the meticulous care and attention she and her assistant Veronica provide for each animal in her home.  In addition to getting a gorgeous, sound puppy, I received weekly photos and commentary about the litter from the date of birth through week 10 -- when I was able to bring my new Piper girl home. Linda has been, and continues to be, a wonderful resource for all aspects of WFT training and care.  She truly loves this breed.  I would do it all over again! 

Kathy C
Vashon, WA​

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​​After the untimely loss of Mandy, my second Wire Fox Terrier, my wife and I were totally devastated. Shortly afterwards, I contacted her breeder only to find that she no longer bred. So, that led me to search the Internet for a breeder nearby, but I didn’t see anything that impressed me until I somehow logged onto www.desertskieskennel.com. I was looking for Champion AKC lineage on both sides and as I read in more detail, I noticed that the kennel also included socialization, beginning housebreaking, and verbal command training in the total package, something I had not previously experienced.

During the whole process Desert Skies Kennel Kept me up to date on what was happening with weekly e-mails and photos of the litter. At this point, my wife didn’t know that we were going to have a new puppy so I later download all of these communications and put together an album of Ellie’s 10 weeks of life for her.

Everything went very smoothly because you informed me on what to expect and had all the paperwork in order. Linda, Emily, and Veronica are to be congratulated on your efforts in running Desert Skies Kennel. You truly have earned and deserve the AKC ‘Breeder of Merit’ distinction. Dealing with your operation was truly a memorable and enjoyable experience.

​Jeff L.

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania