Sanherpinc is a Champion Wire from Ohio and will be bred with Billie for 2019 litters. We are excited to us Sanherpinc line for the first time!

GCH. CH. Ashgrove Camarillo Brillo ME, EE, CAX "Brillo"

"Billie Makes 1 of 3 - 5pt. Major-Best of Breed in California Shows on 3/20/14
(Gracie at 3 weeks)

Our Katie at 9 months old​

Ch. Random Roughrider "Stanley"

GCH. Champion Ironhills Steele Rampage is also an award winning male who brings a long line of Champions with him from Steele Kennels in California. (Rampage became the first Grand Champion of 2011)

Using a quality stud means quality puppies!​

​GCH. CH. King Arthur van Foliny Home "King"

King is from Belgium and is an international winning dog including winning the terrier group at the World Dog Show two years in a row (2014 & 2015)! He is also Sid's father and we have already used him for Billie & Gracie. We are very excited to see for their litters! 

​CH. Sanherpinc Santo

CH Random Reconsideration "Sid"

Baxter is the son of our 1st Wire and was the 1st Grand Champion  from Desert Skies Kennel. This year we have bred back to Desert Skies lines using our youngest female named Kylie.

GCH Desert Skies Baxter's Perseverance "Baxter"

Billie gets her Grand Championship on 3/23/14 at 18 months old!
(Gracie at 12 months old)
Champion Desert Skies Steele The Show, "Gracie"

Champion Sanherpinc Pablito, "Monty" is another stud that was used by Desert Skies Kennel.  We are proud to be associated with Champion Sanherpinc Pablito, who is from a long line of Champions!  He brought us a great pedigree and also some really great features to our line of dogs.  Champion Sanherpinc Pablito is from Foxbriar Kennels out of California.

The newest member to the kennel is Kramer out of Random Kennels.  We used Kramer for the very first time in 2014 and the puppies turned out beautiful. We hope to continue our relationship with Kramer and Random Kennels.

​​Ch. Random Roll Up Your Sleeves "Kramer"

Gr. Champion Ironhills Steele Rampage

A Quality Wire Fox Terrier Breeder Matters!

Gracie wins "Best of Breed" and her "Championship" (June 2012)
Grand Champion Desert Skies Steele Cowgirl "Billie"

Billie was born 9/1/12 and made Champion at 8 months old

Katie again at 15 months

Champion Desert Skies Katie's Purse, "Katie"
Katie makes Champion!

Desert Skies is producing Champions!

Katie was our first addition from the greatest Mom ever Chloe, and our very first Champion!!

Ch. Random Roughrider "Stanley" produced 2 litters a day apart from each other in May of 2013, he gave us our newest member of Desert Skies Kennel, Desert Skies Random Outlaw, "Kylie".​
Gracie's first show at 7 months old!

She got her first Major and won "Best of Breed"

September 17, 2011

​​Champion Sanherpinc Pablito, "Monty"

Below are the current and past studs that have been used by Desert Skies Kennel (studs are not owned or housed by Desert Skies Kennel).​

This is "Rowan" and he is a part of the Desert Skies lines and will be bred with Audrey. Their lines are far enough part that we can do this and we can't wait to see what the Desert Skies' line will produce!

Sid is an international stud who has Scandinavian bloodlines. He has been used for three of our girls (Kylie, Gracie, & Billie).  Sid was still making his way to become a Champion when we bred "Kylie" with him and two weeks after the puppies were born he won his Championship!!!

 Desert Skies Random Patriot ​"Rowan"

Brillo is an Italian, International and AKC Grand Champion stud who has numerous Coursing Ability and Earthdog titles to his name. He is a magnificent stud and was a perfect match for our Grand Champion Desert Skies Steele Cowgirl "Billie".

*ME: Master Earthdog

​*EE: Endurance Earthdog

*CAX: Coursing Ability Excellent  (First Terrier in AKC History to win this award)